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Getting Started

SimpList is built upon the principles of Telegram Mini Apps Contest. It's open-source, well-documented and explained step by step.

Cloning the project

At the very first step, we need to clone the SimpList's Github repository in order to get started.

git clone
git clone

Technologies Used

At this step, We recommend you to read our brief explanation about Technologies Used section in order to get a better understanding of what we are dealing with.


Before diving into the setup process, We need to setup Pusher and Environment Variables.

Setting Up the FrontEnd

You can read our brief explanation about Setting Up the FrontEnd for installing, building and deploying the WebApp.

Setting Up the BackEnd

You can read our brief explanation about Setting Up the BackEnd for installing and deploying the Backend Service of the WebApp.


TeleVue is a Telegram UI Library for VueJS developed mainly for the purpose of building SimpList, it's considered as a part of the SimpList project, but developed and maintained seperatly for isolation, portability and more importantly, usability.